Night of the Living Dead… Day 4.


Have you ever felt like your brain was on fire, your forehead feels like a hammer is going to town on it, and top it off with a horrible bought of nausea.  Sounds like hell, does it not. Well, its my personal hell right now! I am on day 4 of a high protein/low carb diet which consists of rice, oatmeal, chicken, tilapia, greens and almonds. I am in meal prep hell! I am constantly setting the timer on my phone for every 2 1/2 hours so I consume my next oh so delicious meal.


The first 2 days were amazing!  I was chalk full of energy, I didn’t have a single day where I wanted to lay down and rest. Usually I go hard in the gym, and start to feel the effects of it after I have been home for 3 or so hours. But I haven’t had that issue once I started the diet.


Que in yesterday…….. I was EXHAUSTED when my alarm went off at 6 am. When I say exhausted, it felt like I was at a rave all night and I had only had about an hour of sleep….. But NOPE, I actually had a well rounded amount of sleep but just felt like I could close my eyes standing up, and manage to fall sleep. I still mustered up the energy to head to the gym and get my cardio in and work on my arms.


But today….. Holy mother of God…… I feel like I have been hit a MAC truck! My head was pounding, my stomach was in knots, and I wanted to throw the covers back over me and die. I have barely functioned today, I have spent the mast majority of the day laying around catching up on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. So, its safe to say I am not having the most productive day.



I guess I have always wonder what a zombie would feel like it, well I got my answer. I can’t say for sure its the lack of sugar and carbs in my diet, or if I am getting sick….. The jury is still out on that. Ill keep you posted……..


New Year, New You.. Bla,bla,bla…..

A new meal plan to enhance my workouts.

Raise your hand if you are already sick of hearing ” New Year, New You.”? Both my hands are waving in the air. I am all about a resolution, and ways to better myself. But cmon, the new year ain’t bringing a new me. The change you want comes from within, and getting your body in tip top shape ain’t a new you.


Well, if you read my article on, then you know that I am pretty serious about my resolutions. I take advantage of a new calendar year to improve the things in my life that I want to improve on. This passed year I decided to hit the gym and workout. This year I am stepping it up a little more….. I am doing a high protein diet….. Yes, I am scared….. I love food, scratch that, I love sweets. Like, the fat kid in Willy Wonka. I could spend an entire day with my face at the bottom of a donut box. I am blessed with a fast metabolism to afford me the fat treats that I so love, but my body wasn’t fit or lean. So after spending the last 6 months in the gym daily, I decided to up the factor.


I am extremely lucky to have met some new fitness people, and one of them being a trainer. He graciously supplied a fitness routine and meal plan for me to follow. Yesterday was the first day of my new ” diet “.  I have been following the fitness regime and it’s been kicking my butt, I thought I was in pretty decent shape, but this routine quickly showed me all the muscles I have been neglecting.



So, lets dig into the nitty gritty of my very bland, very high protein meal plan. I am eating 6….. yes, I said 6, times a day. When I first read that my eyes popped out of my head! This is coming from the chick who eats 2 meals and 1 snack a day. I was upping my intake by 50% and eating food that I never thought I would eat at 10am. This whole diet is bland, and as I am half way into day 2, going to be hard to implement for 3 whole months. But, I am no quitter, so chicken and oatmeal BRING IT ON!


I will say that last-night when I consumed my 6th and final meal, I was eyeing the birthday cake ice cream in my freezer. But the over achiever in me wouldn’t allow me to give up on a goal. So there I was at 8:30pm watching LIVEPD eating 6 hard boiled egg whites. The first 2 eggs were good, I actually love hard boiled eggs, but damn….. By the last 4 eggs I felt like I was on Fear Factor, and I was holding back the gagging feeling.  I felt like I won $1million dollars after choking that last egg down.

Let me just say this; Chicken, rice, oatmeal, protein shakes, and almonds are about to my new best-friends…… Ill keep you posted with weekly updates on how the diet is effecting me. I will be the guinea pig for everyone!

After Thanksgiving Hangover

After stuffing my face for a full 3 days, I surfaced from my liar to come back to the real world. I was knee deep in turkey and shopping like a feign. I decided to opt out of the traditional in-store shopping for Black Friday, last year I went and I wanted to run everyone over with my cart. Seriously, people go NUTS on black Friday. I am sorry but no amount of savings is worth my pride at the end of the day, hahaha! So online shopping it was for me!

I managed to snag up some good finds from Dicks Sporting Goods, NBA.Com, Kohls, Toys R Us, Best Buy and even Forever21. 

I didn’t want any of the ” Doorbusters” so it wasn’t hard to get most of the stuff I wanted. I ended up finding a lot of great deals at Dicks on Adidas, Under Armour, and Nike. I really shopped mostly for clothes for me, haha! 

I was good when it came to keeping up with my workout routine. My gym was closed on Thanksgiving but proceeded with normal hours the next day, so I kept it up and went everyday. My workout buddy and I changed up our routine and introduced a few new pieces of equipment that left me HELLA sore the next day, but it was so worth it.

Now that I have to give into my Grinch ways and start getting excited for Christmas. What I find strange is that usually Christmas is my favorite holiday but I find myself feeling ehhh about it. I even watched my favorite Christmas movie “National Lampoons Christmas” to try and sparks some interest. I flat lined y’all. I am officially Scrooge this year and I hate it. I want to be chipper and annoying like all the rest of the women I know, but I am stuck in mountain above Whoville :/

But, never to fear I am going to put together a few blogs on the top holiday wears and top deals so the rest of you guys can save some time and not have to scour the internet. The one thing I do love is shopping and dresses, so this should be a one stop shop when it comes to you next dress for the office party, or Girls Night Out.

Wake. Slay. Repeat.

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