Athletic Wear for 2018

Great leggings to buy that are trendy and great quality.

Adidas recently dropped their new line of Athletic wear that I am obsessed with. Adidas already makes some of my favorite leggings, and tennis shoes, so it’s no surprise that I love this new line. 

First of all it’s Cobalt blue, which is my favorite color blue. It’s very vibrant and cheerful. I will say that they are very pricey $150 for leggings is a steep price but they are worth it. They last for years and never loose their elasticity. Plus they don’t fade, which I have had a few bold printed leggings that faded over time.

These are Adidas new Alphaskin 360 tights. ” These women’s body-hugging training tights are built to provide easy motion at the gym or in the great outdoors. They’re made of mesh-like Climachill that pulls heat away from your skin for cooling comfort. High compression offers muscle support while body-wrapping Alphaskin allows freedom of movement when your workout intensifies. UV protection helps guard against the sun’s rays.” 

I love that I am able to squat, run, stair climb and dead lift in these leggings and they don’t move, I never have to adjust them! They are steep but if you are looking for good leggings then you should grab these.

I am always looking for underground sites that sell athletic wear, mainly because I like to have something a little different that you can’t buy off the shelf. A friend of mine recently introduced me to this company that specializes in compression leggings, I was a little hesitant so I made her buy them 1st and try them out. Again, they are $80 for 1 pair, while I have no problem dropping that for a name brand pair, I am a little hesitant when I have never heard of the company. But, I can say these leggings are legit. She rocked these bright bold leggings and her ass looked AMAZING! This company has a lot of options and I highly recommend them. I am ordering a few pairs and will feature them for you guys!

The company is called D’Moda Sport Leggings and you can checkout their site here. They have an awesome Instagram that is worth following.

This next find is one I stumbled across on a facebook ad and loved their stuff! I specifically loved these leggings and ordered them as soon I saw them. They are a great price and I am happy with the quality.

They are available at Squat or Not. They have a few different leggings to choose from that range in prices.

Must have for Post-Workout

Epsom salt bath soak for sore muscles.

Menthol and Spearmint Bath Soak

I work out 6-7 days a week, I love a great workout and push myself to the limits. Recently I upgraded my weights on the squat machine and felt my muscles burning each lunge I took. I was sore the moment I finished my first set and knew the next day I was going to be crawling around my house! When you feel yourself push your muscles to the brink its a unique feeling. Regardless I pushed on and had a great workout!!

When I got home I was barely walking and ran straight to my soaking tub and poured the Epsom Salt with Spearmint and Menthol and soaked for about 30 minutes. It is a granual consistency and hyper green pigment. I poured into the my running bath water and it instantly smelled the entire room of spearmint! It smelled amazing. When I got into the bath it instantly cooled my burning muscles and soothed away the soreness.

When I got out I lathered my legs and knees in IcyHot ( I have bad knees so IcyHot is my go to) and I felt 100x better.

If you workout and feel soreness coming on I suggest having this product on hand as its saved my muscles!

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