Fall Fashion: Trench Coats Must Haves

Trench Coats for Fall Fashion!


Trench coats have been circling the fashion world for decades and seemingly never go out of style. They are now the top pick for Fall this year. Below are my top picks and how to put them together with an outfit.

 Out of all the trench coats that I have come across, I am hard press to find a brand that does it better then Burberry. They make the most beautiful trench coats and if you have it to splurge then I recommend doing that on Burberry.


Kohls.com – This is a beautiful trench coat that wows in the fall trend color burgundy. Not only is it beautiful but it’s also only $72.99! That’s a steal!

Click Here To Buy 


Nordstomrack.com- This is the traditional trench coat in tan, I love the color and it’s a timeless color. It’s a great jacket that you can pair it with just about anything! Plus it’s on sale for $99.98!

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Burberry.com- This is a splurge but it’s my favorite jacket to date. It’s a wool tan trench coat and I am obsessed with it! It’s screams class and elegance. It’s a splurge at $1,795.00

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Trench Coat Inspired Outfits:


The hit shot Atlanta on FX


I met Donald Glover a few years ago when I was paid to be an Extra on Magic Mike XXL. I was lucky enough to work 3 days while they filmed the Stripper Convention. On day 2, I was chosen to stand opposite Donald Glover while he serenaded Joe Magnello’s scene.



NOTE- I am not the girl in the red, but when the camera pans out and Joe walks with his bride you will see me in a floral dress on the opposite side of Donald..


Anyways, if you don’t know that it’s a lengthy process to film a scene then let me inform you…. We shot that scene 7 times….. A lot of screaming, standing in 4 inch heels, and acting excited 7 times… It’s exhausting but was the most fun I had ever had.

 In between takes Donald and I talked, he is the most down to earth celebrity I have ever met. We talked about how he lived briefly in my town and about his life. I was a fan before, but after our interaction I liked him even more.

 His new show ATLANTA is critically acclaimed, and I have been meaning to watch it. Of course daily life takes over, and I just started season 1 today. It’s an awesome show and I completely see why he’s getting awards and critical acclaimation.

 Not only is it funny, but it encompasses the life of Atlanta to a T! I lived in Atlanta and loved it! This show is spot on. If you haven’t watched this show yet I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you do. I am now hooked!!

Fall Trends in shoes that you must have!

Ahhh, the how I love Fall….. In comes the crisp mornings, the changing of leaf colors, warm apple cider, and of course cooler temperatures….. Who the hell am I kidding, thats not Fall in the South?!?!?! Ugh, here I am still sweating my ass off and swatting away bugs when all the rest of the County is buying cute chunky sweaters and boots…. Yea, I am still in my summer clothes and will be till about the end of November. The South has 2 seasons, Summer and a late Fall that should be Winter,  but ya, it’s not.

Anyways, while the rest of these blogs parade around in their Fall wear I will be sweating with the rest of the Southerners and waiting for the day I can pull out my Timbs and Adidas track suit.

Even though I am not partaking in my Fall wardrobe yet I am still picking out my go to shoes this Fall. There are a lot of interesting trends that graced Fashion Week this year and some of them I am obsessed with. I picked my favorite trends this year and have them below. You can click on the site name to redirect to their site and purchase. Please think of me as you are all bundled up and just know I am seething with jealously.

Slouchy Boots:


1. Zappos.com– Earth Everwood- $179.95

2.Nordstom.com– Jessica Simpson Layzer Embellished Slouch Boot $ 168.95

3.Nordstrom.com– Steve Madden Carrie Slouchy Boot- $118.97



          1. DSW.com– Nine West Nadie Loafer- $69.99.

          2.Dillards.com– Vionic Honor Ashby Loafers $139.99

3.Nordstrom.com– Kate Spade New York Cece Too Loafer $268.00


Lace Up Booties

1.Charlotterusse.com– Bambo Pointed Toe Lace-Up Booties $28.69

2.Nordstrom.com– Steve Madden Satisfied Corset-Lace Up Bootie $129.95

3.Macys.com– Timberland Glancy  6″ Lace Up Boots- $130.00

Furry Flats  

1.Stevemadden.com– Kaden $89.95

2.LuLus.com– Chic Black Loafer Slides $22.00

Everyday Swag

I spend most of my weekdays in Gym Clothes due to the fact that I go first thing in the am, and literally hit the ground running for the duration of my day. But there are days where I get to dress normal, and not everyday do I want to wear a dress, and get all dolled up. Below are my top inspirations for everyday street wear, this is what I like to wear when I am running around town. You’ll notice I generally stick to black. At the bottom are my top picks of jeans, shoes and casual black shirts with the links to purchase.


Wear to purchase some of my favorite pieces!


Purchase HERE              Purchase HERE            Purchase HERE


CLICK   HERE                      CLICK HERE             CLICK HERE


Purchase HERE             Purchase HERE             Purchase HERE

Hoodie Dress

My top favorite hoodie dresses featuring Siksilk, Nike and more!

There is nothing better than snuggling up on a cold day in a nice pair of sweats and a hoodie. I love a good fitted hoodie, and when SikSilk released their new green(Khaki) hoodie I knew I had to have it! I love this trend its a cute dress to wear on Fall days, or Fall nights for us in the South ;). This is such a versatile outfit. I plan on pairing mine with strappy sandals or my Adidas. I have seen a lot women pair this with thigh high boots which are a running trend this Fall! I love that I can look cute and be comfortable at the same time.


1. Siksilk.com: This super cute hoodie comes in 3 different colors; Khaki (Shown above) , Pale Mauve, and Beige & Dark Floral.

Click HERE to purchase at Siksilk.com


2. Charoletterusse.com: Hooded Sweatshirt Dress. This comes in only black, but I love black so I am sold!

Click HERE to purchase at Charoletterusse.com


3. Macys.com: Nike Sportswear Hoodie Dress in Black or Charcoal. I love this Charcoal it’s a perfect color to pair with any color.

Click HERE to purchase at Macys.com


4. Lulus.com: Project Social T Luca Hooded Dress. This comes in 2 colors; Washed Black and Light Pink. This is more of a laid back, baggy sweater but you can pair this with leggings on a really cold day!

Click HERE to purchase at Lulus.com

Camo Wear

Camouflage inspired fashion and my top picks!

It’s Sunday and this is the day where I plan ahead and get all my stuff done for the week. I generally like to plan out my outfits to make my mornings flow a little more easier.
I had some errands to run today and after searching my closet for what felt like an hour I was stoked when I reached the dark green section and my Camo shirt just jumped out at me! I color coordinate my closet ( It won’t stay like that for long, I generally jack it up eventually). I love this trend, at first I wasn’t super stoked about it, it reminded me of hunting & red neck life. If you follow my blog then you know I am the furthest from a redneck.
I pieced my camo shirt with black jeans, Timberlands, and hoop earrings. Remember, the bigger the hoop the bigger the hoe hahaha! Thank you Khloe Kardashian for all of your hoop wisdom.


Again, I am on obsessed with my Timberlands and wear them the first slight drop in temperature! I love how comfortable how they are and I love how they look!

I look for a lot of my outfit inspirations on Pinterest and these below are what I love about the Camouflage trend!


Camo Pants-  Purchase Here

Camo Jacket- Purchase Here

Camo Top- Purchase Here