New Year’s Resolutions

Put you resolutions in the comments!


The countdown begins, the bright lights, champagne, and laughs are flowing. It’s New Years Eve. Hopefully, you find yourself surrounded by friends and family. This is the time of the year we can reflect on what has and hasn’t transpired. Its kind of ironic, when I was younger I felt like the years crawled at the pace of a snail, but now that I am an adult, it’s like they can’t slow down. I just want to the ability to pause my life and just relax for a minute, or better yet, jump in a time machine back to my child hood where it was so easy and carefree.


I had the best childhood, it was amazing. I grew up in a small town in Northern Idaho. A lot of people can’t even find Idaho on the map, Ha! Its sandwiched between Montana and Washington. Anyways, our town was so close to the border of Canada, so often times that is where we vacationed. It was pretty cool if I say so myself.


There I go again rambling! Anyways, back on topic. New Years Resolutions…… I am totally a cliche and make resolutions every year. In all honestly, majority of the time I don’t cross some of them off, but the ones I deem most important, I do. Last year my resolutions was rather vain, I wanted to get into better shape (pretty sure this is like, the #1 resolution) I have always been skinny which is great, but I am not as strong as I used to be. I wanted more muscle definition in my legs, and of course abs. Well, since August I have been busting my butt in the gym and I am well on my way. It’s a lifestyle change, and it’s taken a few months to see the difference, but I have been super happy about it. 


This year, I sat and did some soul searching on what I want to achieve this upcoming year. I am super proud of myself for branching out of my comfort zone and began freelance writing. Writing to me is extremely cathartic, and its always been a passion of mine. It’s much easier to sit and write out my feelings than it has been to voice them.  This year I want to achieve more with my writing. I am beyond blessed with the experiences I have been given, and I want to reach out and gain more.

I want to challenge all of my followers to post their resolutions in the comments. It makes you more accountable when you write them down. Mine will be listed below and I look forward to reading yours!

  1. Write more freelance articles.
  2. Put my happiness 1st.
  3. Keep working on my fitness.
  4. Work harder on my blog.
  5. Feature one my articles in a major publication

When Reality TV actually becomes reality.

In the world of scripted lines and manufactured drama, we get a rare glimpse of the actual reality for our ladies of Real Housewives.


We need to discuss The Real Housewives of Orange County and how they broke from the usual drama filled dialogue and became real. I am a sucker and watch all of the different versions of the entire Housewives.

It’s useless TV, but it’s my guilty pleasure. I just can’t get enough of these women. But at the end of this most recent season, it broke the barrier and became real.


If you have been tuning in then the break down of Kelly’s marriage, it shouldn’t have surprised you. We all saw it coming, but the moment she broke down to Vicki at the Season Finale gave me goosebumps. It was such an honest and heart breaking moment, women are strong and we can handle A LOT, so for her to be vulnerable in that moment with her friend and say she couldn’t continue to with her marriage. Wow, if you’re married or just in a long term relationship then you know how hard that moment must have been for her. Once you say those words, you can’t take them back, It’s out there in the universe.


Let’s move onto Shannon…. Honey……. I am not an emotional person what so ever, but I cried for her. I’ve never seen anyone give as much as she did in a marriage. She loved David ( Probably still does ) and to watch her talk about the separation, girl, that broke my heart. She gave  everything she had in her marriage, and for her to attempt to forgive him for the affair. WOW. I know I would walk away and not look back, I am not a forgiving person when it comes to infidelity. Once you betray me, there is no going back.

During the reunion, she tries to be strong and girl, you’re life will be so much better without him.

I love when we get moments like these in reality tv, because we often don’t see them. It’s all about ratings and drama, but when you break the barrier and become vulnerable, it makes you relatable for the viewers and that is what makes for great tv.

After Thanksgiving Hangover

After stuffing my face for a full 3 days, I surfaced from my liar to come back to the real world. I was knee deep in turkey and shopping like a feign. I decided to opt out of the traditional in-store shopping for Black Friday, last year I went and I wanted to run everyone over with my cart. Seriously, people go NUTS on black Friday. I am sorry but no amount of savings is worth my pride at the end of the day, hahaha! So online shopping it was for me!

I managed to snag up some good finds from Dicks Sporting Goods, NBA.Com, Kohls, Toys R Us, Best Buy and even Forever21. 

I didn’t want any of the ” Doorbusters” so it wasn’t hard to get most of the stuff I wanted. I ended up finding a lot of great deals at Dicks on Adidas, Under Armour, and Nike. I really shopped mostly for clothes for me, haha! 

I was good when it came to keeping up with my workout routine. My gym was closed on Thanksgiving but proceeded with normal hours the next day, so I kept it up and went everyday. My workout buddy and I changed up our routine and introduced a few new pieces of equipment that left me HELLA sore the next day, but it was so worth it.

Now that I have to give into my Grinch ways and start getting excited for Christmas. What I find strange is that usually Christmas is my favorite holiday but I find myself feeling ehhh about it. I even watched my favorite Christmas movie “National Lampoons Christmas” to try and sparks some interest. I flat lined y’all. I am officially Scrooge this year and I hate it. I want to be chipper and annoying like all the rest of the women I know, but I am stuck in mountain above Whoville :/

But, never to fear I am going to put together a few blogs on the top holiday wears and top deals so the rest of you guys can save some time and not have to scour the internet. The one thing I do love is shopping and dresses, so this should be a one stop shop when it comes to you next dress for the office party, or Girls Night Out.

Must have for Post-Workout

Epsom salt bath soak for sore muscles.

Menthol and Spearmint Bath Soak

I work out 6-7 days a week, I love a great workout and push myself to the limits. Recently I upgraded my weights on the squat machine and felt my muscles burning each lunge I took. I was sore the moment I finished my first set and knew the next day I was going to be crawling around my house! When you feel yourself push your muscles to the brink its a unique feeling. Regardless I pushed on and had a great workout!!

When I got home I was barely walking and ran straight to my soaking tub and poured the Epsom Salt with Spearmint and Menthol and soaked for about 30 minutes. It is a granual consistency and hyper green pigment. I poured into the my running bath water and it instantly smelled the entire room of spearmint! It smelled amazing. When I got into the bath it instantly cooled my burning muscles and soothed away the soreness.

When I got out I lathered my legs and knees in IcyHot ( I have bad knees so IcyHot is my go to) and I felt 100x better.

If you workout and feel soreness coming on I suggest having this product on hand as its saved my muscles!

Click Here To Purchase

Hair mask for damaged hair

I have bleached my hair more times than I can count, and I finally found a hair mask that helps with the breakage and brittle dry ends! The best part is that it’s less than $5!

I went through the blonde phase and it lasted a few years….. Sigh…… That shit just wrecks your hair. But lil ole me wanted to have cute beach blonde hair so the bleaching commenced every 6 weeks. Yea, I don’t even need to tell you how bad that is when your natural hair color is pretty much black…… BUT, I did go slow with the process alla Khloe Kardashian, I gradually went lighter and lighter over a 6 month period.


Now don’t get me wrong, I fucking loved my blonde hair, I swear it gave me life! But after awhile I got tired of getting the root rot touched up and the split ends were killer. But didn’t I look so cute with blonde hair!?!?!


Well I think I was a super cute blonde, but the dye eventually went to my head and I thought going Elsa blonde was a brilliant idea :O…… Yep, sure wasn’t. I literally fucked my hair royally and it looked HORRIBLE .


 It was so bad I wouldn’t take any photos and the genius that I am, I did this the day before our trip to Miami!! I wore a hat the whole time and had to condition my hair every single night. It was AWFUL!!! I had to wait weeks until I could go back to my hair stylist and have her add some much needed depth and about 4 inches of dead hair cut off. 

Brown Hair
Back to my lovely natural hair color!



VIOLA!! It was time to venture back to my darker roots which has been a little struggle due to my very over processed hair, but after a few visits I am back to my naturally blackish hair! My eyebrows are SO much easier to do now that I don’t have to lighten them and then blend them with Anastasia’s Soft Brown Pomade! 

As you can tell I have an olive skin tone and I think the brown is more natural with my complexion. Plus, I don’t feel like a bottle blonde anymore, haha!

 Anyways, back to my point! This is how I have taken my hair from over processed, brittle, split ended, and just breaking off at the touch of my brush! I have literally tried every mask you can think of. I have used Olaplex, Matrix, coconut oil, Biolage, and the list goes on and on……UNTIL…………. I FOUND THIS GEM!!! 

 I am not getting pair nor do I gain anything from posting this, this is my 100% honest review and recommendation for this product! I bought this at Walmart in the Ethnic Hair aisle for less than $4 a piece! I thought as cheap as it was that it’s worth a shot. I washed my hair in the shower with my Biolage Keratin Shampoo and after I got out of the shower I lathered the Olive Cholesterol Moisture with about a quarter size of the Olive Oil mixture on my hand than applied to my whole head. It’s a rather strange texture, its kind of like a slime consistency and smells like candy.

After ensuring my hair was completely covered, I threw on a my plastic hair cap and slept with it in (which sucked, every time I moved my head I felt like I had a plastic bag on my head) I put it on at 6:30pm and rinsed it out at 9am the next day. I wasn’t anticipating it to work, but DAYUM!! It rinsed right out, I was worried it was going to leave my hair oily but it didn’t, like not at all!!! Not only did my hair feel extremely soft, I didn’t have nearly as much breakage as I did the previous time I washed my hair! 

 If you even just color your hair I highly recommend this treatment! It’s literally a hair miracle worker and it’s dirt cheap! I have spent $100’s of dollars on countless hair care products only to find the the answer in a $4 cream!!!

 If you want to purchase click the highlighted link below! Drop a comment when you try it so you can brag about how soft your hair is!!

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