Athletic Wear for 2018

Great leggings to buy that are trendy and great quality.


Adidas recently dropped their new line of Athletic wear that I am obsessed with. Adidas already makes some of my favorite leggings, and tennis shoes, so it’s no surprise that I love this new line. 

First of all it’s Cobalt blue, which is my favorite color blue. It’s very vibrant and cheerful. I will say that they are very pricey $150 for leggings is a steep price but they are worth it. They last for years and never loose their elasticity. Plus they don’t fade, which I have had a few bold printed leggings that faded over time.

These are Adidas new Alphaskin 360 tights. ” These women’s body-hugging training tights are built to provide easy motion at the gym or in the great outdoors. They’re made of mesh-like Climachill that pulls heat away from your skin for cooling comfort. High compression offers muscle support while body-wrapping Alphaskin allows freedom of movement when your workout intensifies. UV protection helps guard against the sun’s rays.” 

I love that I am able to squat, run, stair climb and dead lift in these leggings and they don’t move, I never have to adjust them! They are steep but if you are looking for good leggings then you should grab these.

I am always looking for underground sites that sell athletic wear, mainly because I like to have something a little different that you can’t buy off the shelf. A friend of mine recently introduced me to this company that specializes in compression leggings, I was a little hesitant so I made her buy them 1st and try them out. Again, they are $80 for 1 pair, while I have no problem dropping that for a name brand pair, I am a little hesitant when I have never heard of the company. But, I can say these leggings are legit. She rocked these bright bold leggings and her ass looked AMAZING! This company has a lot of options and I highly recommend them. I am ordering a few pairs and will feature them for you guys!

The company is called D’Moda Sport Leggings and you can checkout their site here. They have an awesome Instagram that is worth following.

This next find is one I stumbled across on a facebook ad and loved their stuff! I specifically loved these leggings and ordered them as soon I saw them. They are a great price and I am happy with the quality.

They are available at Squat or Not. They have a few different leggings to choose from that range in prices.


Everyone can just go home because Sterling K. Just stole the show! I can already declare him my best dressed for the men tonight.

The navy blue compliments his complexion and the sun glasses add the perfect touch.

Night of the Living Dead… Day 4.


Have you ever felt like your brain was on fire, your forehead feels like a hammer is going to town on it, and top it off with a horrible bought of nausea.  Sounds like hell, does it not. Well, its my personal hell right now! I am on day 4 of a high protein/low carb diet which consists of rice, oatmeal, chicken, tilapia, greens and almonds. I am in meal prep hell! I am constantly setting the timer on my phone for every 2 1/2 hours so I consume my next oh so delicious meal.


The first 2 days were amazing!  I was chalk full of energy, I didn’t have a single day where I wanted to lay down and rest. Usually I go hard in the gym, and start to feel the effects of it after I have been home for 3 or so hours. But I haven’t had that issue once I started the diet.


Que in yesterday…….. I was EXHAUSTED when my alarm went off at 6 am. When I say exhausted, it felt like I was at a rave all night and I had only had about an hour of sleep….. But NOPE, I actually had a well rounded amount of sleep but just felt like I could close my eyes standing up, and manage to fall sleep. I still mustered up the energy to head to the gym and get my cardio in and work on my arms.


But today….. Holy mother of God…… I feel like I have been hit a MAC truck! My head was pounding, my stomach was in knots, and I wanted to throw the covers back over me and die. I have barely functioned today, I have spent the mast majority of the day laying around catching up on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. So, its safe to say I am not having the most productive day.



I guess I have always wonder what a zombie would feel like it, well I got my answer. I can’t say for sure its the lack of sugar and carbs in my diet, or if I am getting sick….. The jury is still out on that. Ill keep you posted……..

New Year, New You.. Bla,bla,bla…..

A new meal plan to enhance my workouts.

Raise your hand if you are already sick of hearing ” New Year, New You.”? Both my hands are waving in the air. I am all about a resolution, and ways to better myself. But cmon, the new year ain’t bringing a new me. The change you want comes from within, and getting your body in tip top shape ain’t a new you.


Well, if you read my article on, then you know that I am pretty serious about my resolutions. I take advantage of a new calendar year to improve the things in my life that I want to improve on. This passed year I decided to hit the gym and workout. This year I am stepping it up a little more….. I am doing a high protein diet….. Yes, I am scared….. I love food, scratch that, I love sweets. Like, the fat kid in Willy Wonka. I could spend an entire day with my face at the bottom of a donut box. I am blessed with a fast metabolism to afford me the fat treats that I so love, but my body wasn’t fit or lean. So after spending the last 6 months in the gym daily, I decided to up the factor.


I am extremely lucky to have met some new fitness people, and one of them being a trainer. He graciously supplied a fitness routine and meal plan for me to follow. Yesterday was the first day of my new ” diet “.  I have been following the fitness regime and it’s been kicking my butt, I thought I was in pretty decent shape, but this routine quickly showed me all the muscles I have been neglecting.



So, lets dig into the nitty gritty of my very bland, very high protein meal plan. I am eating 6….. yes, I said 6, times a day. When I first read that my eyes popped out of my head! This is coming from the chick who eats 2 meals and 1 snack a day. I was upping my intake by 50% and eating food that I never thought I would eat at 10am. This whole diet is bland, and as I am half way into day 2, going to be hard to implement for 3 whole months. But, I am no quitter, so chicken and oatmeal BRING IT ON!


I will say that last-night when I consumed my 6th and final meal, I was eyeing the birthday cake ice cream in my freezer. But the over achiever in me wouldn’t allow me to give up on a goal. So there I was at 8:30pm watching LIVEPD eating 6 hard boiled egg whites. The first 2 eggs were good, I actually love hard boiled eggs, but damn….. By the last 4 eggs I felt like I was on Fear Factor, and I was holding back the gagging feeling.  I felt like I won $1million dollars after choking that last egg down.

Let me just say this; Chicken, rice, oatmeal, protein shakes, and almonds are about to my new best-friends…… Ill keep you posted with weekly updates on how the diet is effecting me. I will be the guinea pig for everyone!

New Year’s Resolutions

Put you resolutions in the comments!


The countdown begins, the bright lights, champagne, and laughs are flowing. It’s New Years Eve. Hopefully, you find yourself surrounded by friends and family. This is the time of the year we can reflect on what has and hasn’t transpired. Its kind of ironic, when I was younger I felt like the years crawled at the pace of a snail, but now that I am an adult, it’s like they can’t slow down. I just want to the ability to pause my life and just relax for a minute, or better yet, jump in a time machine back to my child hood where it was so easy and carefree.


I had the best childhood, it was amazing. I grew up in a small town in Northern Idaho. A lot of people can’t even find Idaho on the map, Ha! Its sandwiched between Montana and Washington. Anyways, our town was so close to the border of Canada, so often times that is where we vacationed. It was pretty cool if I say so myself.


There I go again rambling! Anyways, back on topic. New Years Resolutions…… I am totally a cliche and make resolutions every year. In all honestly, majority of the time I don’t cross some of them off, but the ones I deem most important, I do. Last year my resolutions was rather vain, I wanted to get into better shape (pretty sure this is like, the #1 resolution) I have always been skinny which is great, but I am not as strong as I used to be. I wanted more muscle definition in my legs, and of course abs. Well, since August I have been busting my butt in the gym and I am well on my way. It’s a lifestyle change, and it’s taken a few months to see the difference, but I have been super happy about it. 


This year, I sat and did some soul searching on what I want to achieve this upcoming year. I am super proud of myself for branching out of my comfort zone and began freelance writing. Writing to me is extremely cathartic, and its always been a passion of mine. It’s much easier to sit and write out my feelings than it has been to voice them.  This year I want to achieve more with my writing. I am beyond blessed with the experiences I have been given, and I want to reach out and gain more.

I want to challenge all of my followers to post their resolutions in the comments. It makes you more accountable when you write them down. Mine will be listed below and I look forward to reading yours!

  1. Write more freelance articles.
  2. Put my happiness 1st.
  3. Keep working on my fitness.
  4. Work harder on my blog.
  5. Feature one my articles in a major publication


I can proudly say I am a freelance writer for!


Y’ALL!!! I was given the AMAZING opportunity to work freelance on 2 articles a month for It is an extremely informative site and I am honored to work with them. 

My very first article was published yesterday, it would mean A LOT to me if you would take the time to read it. I always choose to write about topics that are important to me, and I am passionate about it. 

Please click the link to read my article on RELATIONSHIPS and how to sustain a healthy relationship 🙂